Why a director's chair?

When my son Spencer was a young catcher for his local baseball team,

he kept asking me to take him to see the Yankees play in New York. 

Every season I’d mean it when I’d say, ‘Sure Spence, one day we’ll go’.

‘One day’ never happened. Then we read that old Yankee Stadium was about to be torn down; I wrangled two tickets to the Yankees' third last game ever to be played in that grand old building.

For Spence, Yankee Stadium solidified his love for the game. 

For me, I had an eye-opening moment that inspired Take Your Seat.

The sense of urgency that came with the knowledge that Yankee Stadium was to be torn down, gave us the motivation to act.

Truthfully, without that motivation, we’d still be saying,

"One day we'll go see the Yankees play."

Take Your Seat photography

I also realized that talking about a catalyst would never be as effective as showing that catalyst. The director’s chair became that symbol. 

Just as a movie director directs a set, you must assume that leadership role in your life. You, and only you, can direct your life.

Using a camera, pen, and director's chair, Take Your Seat shares the human narrative that connects us all to each other, our planet, and our best selves.

In every photograph, our director's chair is a universal reminder that each of us can direct our actions to change our world for the better.


We invite you to take your seat!