Randy VanDerStarren BC (Before Chair)

How did I get here?

How do any of us reach a moment in life

where we realize this is not what we were meant to do?


For years I traveled the world shooting commercials for global brands. 

Every journey brought a new adventure. I survived machine guns, shark attacks, rogue leopards, and charging bull elephants.

Aside from a few hair-raising moments, I reveled in every minute of it.


Somehow I ended up becoming President of a wealth management company—I’m still wondering how that happened.

By most any measure, that milestone was a significant achievement.

Here’s the thing though: it wasn’t my milestone.


Life was good.

‘Good’ made me comfortable.

‘Good’ had me fooling myself into thinking one day I’d get back to shooting and writing. ‘Good’ it turns out, is the enemy of great.

Too much of a ‘good’ thing and ‘great’ doesn’t stand a chance.

Thankfully, like you, I still wanted ‘great’.

So I did what any crazy but inspired person would do:

I put a plan together, quit my job, packed my camera and started to write...

Randy VanDerStarren AC (After Chair)

Take Your Seat has become my personal expression of turning my ‘one day’ into ‘day one’.

A Director’s chair has given me my love of photography back.

A worldwide journey has rekindled my desire to write again.

My family has been a huge part of my inspiration. 

Eva, Austin, Spencer, Bo and Evan have patiently dealt with a husband and father who walks around the planet

taking pictures of a chair and writing about it,

all with the goal of inspiring others to pursue their own passions.


My family has become an integral part of my journey.

I hope Take Your Seat will become a part of yours.

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