Take Your Seat, Turkey​​

After 6000 photographs shot over two cross-country expeditions,

Take Your Seat, Turkey now makes its debut.


Welcome to an exotic land whose natural wonders, history and culture

are matched only by the warmth of its people.

Welcome to Take Your Seat, Turkey.


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‘Shoes removed and reverence heightened, we quietly enter Nuruosmaniye Mosque.

In the Fatih district of Istanbul, the, ‘Light of Osman’ lives up to its name.

The sun illuminates exquisite stained glass as our chair humbly joins an intimate gathering of worshippers.
They openly welcome our message of unity.


We are blessed with a very human photograph that shares our connection to each other.’

‘It is 6:20 am. The air is still. The gentle breeze blowing across the Mediterranean

smells of oranges and promise as a new day begins.

This sun, like the sun back home, rises with purpose.

She is beautiful. She is too often ignored.

Her display over Turkey this morning however, commands our attention.’


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‘We are over 2000 metres high. The air is thin. The wind is icy.

Mount Nemrut reminds us of both the majesty and power of Mother Nature.


It is early spring. We are dressed for winter.
The cold still penetrates our clothing but not our resolve.

As an eternal sun sets over an ancient mountain,

we are warmed by the beauty we are now privileged to photograph.’

Behind the scenes

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We wish a heartfelt 

"​Çok teşekkür ederim!"

to the organizations below, and the people behind them,

for helping make Take Your Seat, Turkey a reality.

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