Global photographic stories

Take Your Seat, Hong Kong​​


Months of planning were condensed into an eleven-day expedition

that now reveals itself in the photographs below.


Cityscapes play host to our chair,

as do geography and fauna.


Over 4000 images now tell a Hong Kong story

both vibrant and personal.


Urban beauty greets the sun.

Nature reminds us of our place and purpose on this planet.


We hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.



(Click on any photograph to enter full-screen viewing mode)


(Click on any photograph to enter full-screen viewing mode)

East meets west

A Director's chair serves as a symbol of both inspiration and unity.

Two cultures connected.

Two seemingly disparate worlds joined as one.

Welcome to the photography of Take Your Seat Canada and Hong Kong.

(Click on any photograph to enter full-screen viewing mode)


Our chair has travelled throughout all of Canada and all of Hong Kong.
Each region offers us a spectacular view of Mother Nature.

Beautiful on their own, they are that much more incredible when together.

Hexagonal basalt columns apparently know no boundaries.

Thus, Hong Kong’s Global Geopark and Canada’s Yukon River, now showcase their unity.

The World Wildlife Fund guides us to a bird sanctuary within the Mai Po Nature Reserve.
Cormorants, unsure of our red chair, fly away only to return five hours later.

Four feral water buffalo follow the same course.
In Saskatchewan, a herd of cattle consider taking their seat.
Bird, buffalo or bovine, a universal curiosity links them all.

The fast pace and energy of Hong Kong at first seems contrary to an idyllic Quebec sunset.
Yet, upon closer inspection, similarities emerge. Colours, manmade or natural, blend in harmony.

A stoplight and a sun guide us in their own way.

As water cascades over the Northwest Territory’s Alexandra Falls,

there is a parallel with the cascade of people living their lives at the base of Kowloon peak.

A massive rock anchors our chair in each photograph,

providing the foundation from which to observe the accomplishments of both Man and Nature.

Dusk, whether in Victoria Harbour or Carden Cove, is a magical time.

Hong Kong’s dynamic skyline, diametrically opposed to the calmness of Lake Superior’s North Shore,

still manages to mirror the line of trees on the horizon.

Waters reflect the evening’s colours.

Hong Kong and Canada take a moment to reflect on yet another mesmerizing sunset.