Take Your Seat, Thailand

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After months of research and planning, the land of smiles now welcomes our chair.


Despite our enthusiastic preparations, we are met with a warmth and natural beauty that first embraces, then eclipses all that we thought we knew.

With smiles of our own, the different shades of Thailand soon become ours.

Welcome to Take Your Seat, Thailand.

Bangkok & Central Thailand

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Erawan Shrine
Bangkok Train Station
Ratchada Night Market
Chao Praya River
Marble Temple
Gate of Yaowarat
Rajadamnern Stadium
Wat Pho

‘There is a heartbeat in Thailand that quickly becomes our own.

Temples and tourists, tuk-tuks and skytrains create a rhythm of sights and sounds

that our camera eagerly captures.

We are absorbed by the whirl of activity and quiet reverence that happily mingle.’

Southern Thailand

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Khao Sok National Park
Wat Mahathat Watchiramongkhon
Koh Mook
Wat Mahathat Watchiramongkhon
Andaman Sea
Fishing Boat

‘The water is still. The jungle, quiet.


The silence of an early morning belies our excitement as both Thai and Canadians anticipate the sun’s arrival. She does not disappoint. As pink striations appear on the horizon, we are in awe.


Once again, Thailand surprises us.’

Chiang Mai & Isan region

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Tea Plantation
School Trip
Phu Pra Pah
Chiang Mai
Red Lotus Lake

‘This dish is spicy. It will step up and kick you if you are not ready for it.’


Lew, our guide, warns us to no avail. We have been shooting for two weeks. 

We believe we are ready for any challenge. Her words ring true as the heat outside is surpassed by our own.


It turns out that ‘spicy’ in Northern Thailand is quite different than ‘spicy’ back home.

Behind the scenes

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Land of Smiles
Khao Sok National Park
Marble Temple
Fishing Boat
Koh Mook
Shooting from the boat
Scouting at dawn
Tea Plantation
Processing coffee


Every Take Your Seat expedition relies heavily on our partners and friends.
Take Your Seat, Thailand even more so.

Ambassadors and boatmen, guides and sponsors,
all came together to bring this shoot to life.

For all your help we thank you. ขอบคุณครับ !


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