Take Your Seat is excited to offer fine art prints for all of our photographs!

Whether you would like a print for your home, your boardroom, or anywhere else,

we'll work with you to achieve the perfect results for your specific needs.

Our prints range from as small as 4x6" postcards to as large as 12' panels.

We work with local gallery printers to fulfill all of our orders and balance high quality with environmentally friendly throughout the printing process.

Each photograph is part of a signed, numbered series.

Photographs are made to any size to fit any application.

If there's a particular shot you like and would like to see more from that series,

we'd be happy to share. Just send us an email to let us know what you're thinking.

The images below show a few recent orders and printing options.

If you would like to discuss purchasing a print, or series of prints, your first step is to 

send us a note.

Thanks! Message sent.