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Take Your Seat, Canada​​


In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday,

we travelled from coast to coast to coast

to capture one iconic image from each province and territory.

Since then, we've added thousands of images to our Canadian collection.

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Take Your Seat, Thailand

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After months of research and planning,

the land of smiles now welcomes our chair.

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Take Your Seat, Turkey​​


Welcome to an exotic land whose natural wonders, history, and culture
are matched only by the warmth of its people.

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Take Your Seat, Japan​​


In August 2018, Take Your Seat travelled

thousands of kilometres across Japan.

Over twenty days, we dodged typhoons, rode a 40C heat wave, and managed to shoot 4000 photographs along the way.


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Take Your Seat, Hong Kong​​

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Cityscapes play host to our chair, as do geography and fauna.


Over 4000 images now tell a Hong Kong story

both vibrant and personal.

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Take Your Seat​​


Our original series, captured before switching to the red chair,

takes you on a journey through seven destinations.

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Take Your Seat

with the group of seven

The Group of Seven were drawn to Lake Superior for reasons that remain true still today. Our photography aimed to capture Nature as it was then, as it is now, to rediscover the Group of Seven 

in our time and through our lens.

Take Your Seat with the Group of Seven

is coming soon.


Take Your Seat, Vietnam

Take Your Seat, Vietnam

is coming soon.