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Take Your Seat, Canada​​


Our ongoing Canadian photographic expeditions celebrate the natural diversity of our incredible country.​ Our chair and cameras continue to venture into each province and territory to create an ever changing visual tapestry that is Canada.


To date, we have captured thousands of images for our Canadian collection, highlighting Canada's stories expressed through architecture, geography, culture, and people. 

A red and white Director’s chair inspires you to see for yourself how incredibly beautiful Canada is. Perhaps, like us, you'll discover a little bit about yourself along the way. 

Welcome to Take Your Seat, Canada!

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If you're Canadian, we hope you'll fall in love with Canada all over again. If you're a first time visitor, we hope you'll see why we love Canada. In either case, we hope you'll be inspired to get out there to discover what makes Canada not just our home, but our heart.


Canada's mountains, forests, plains, and coastlines are indescribably beautiful on their own. Together, however, they make this country breathtaking.


Canada's natural diversity, melded with the unsurpassed diversity of its people, reflects the harmony of the world in one place. The totality of Canada not only reflects each of us but cannot be complete unless we see ourselves as part of its story.

Central Canada

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'We see a black bear, perhaps Winnie’s Grandson, ambling along the roadside. We catch a moose considering a road crossing. Wildlife is everywhere. We feel a bond with Nature often forgotten in the city.'

Western Canada

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'There are no wheat fields. There is no enduring horizon. Instead, rolling hills and valleys compete for our attention. [...] We climb a steep hill, 45 degrees straight up into the sky. The sun is at her best behaviour. She has corralled a few clouds to show off her rays. We are tantalized by the possibility of an incredible sunset. ... We shoot for four hours until both sun and cameras have finally fatigued.'

Northern Canada

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